Sweet simple roasted banana dessert

Don’t you worry now!! I haven’t forgotten that it is still banana week…or month, depending on how fast I can get through the rest of this pile of platanos.

I am not sure I can eat, or even see, bananas without thinking of the jungle and all of my friends there! During the several trips I have made that way, we have eaten bananas at just about every meal…breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some even go on a banana fast after trips to the jungle! Instead, the bananas seem to follow me!

I continue to work through a list of recipes I would like to share with all of you. I am not even sure that I have enough bananas to get through the entire list. Crazy, huh?

Much of the time, bananas seem to include oil and I can appreciate the few recipes that are a bit more natural. Tonight, I want to share some thing sweet & simple.

Platano Asado

To make platano asado, place yellow-brown platano bellaco in the oven at 400F for one hour. (Throw some in while you are baking other things.) Cut a slice in the skin and enjoy.

Simple, no? You could eat this delight all by itself. Make it into a dessert by sprinkling brown sugar and cinnamon over the banana once it is slit open and enjoy! Cut the banana into pieces and add it to your soup for a sweet bite inside of a spicy soup.

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